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4 protein expression system options

Update time : 2020-11-16

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4 protein expression system options
Are you worried about the low quality of protein expression? Is it because you are not clear about the advantages of various protein expression systems, so you cannot choose the expression method that suits your protein? So next, I will briefly compare these platforms based on years of protein expression experience at General Biosystems.

Various common protein expression systems: Escherichia coli protein expression system, mammalian cell protein expression system, as well as the commonly used baculovirus-insect cell expression platform, yeast cell expression platform—different expression system platforms for recombinant proteins. Why is it different?

Expression System

System Benefits Application Features of Generalbiosystems
E. coli Protein 
Expression System
High target gene expression quantity, low cost, simple culture conditions, product rapidly, strong scalability, simple conversion operation, easy to form disulfide bond Prokaryotic proteins, simple eukaryotic proteins Expression includes soluble protein, inclusion body, fusion proteins, etc., with wealthy experience and expertise, we can solve a variety of bottlenecks during the protein expression process
Yeast Protein Expression System Cost-effective, low-cost for amplifying medium, simple culture conditions, production rapidly, strong scalability, good choice for secretory protein or intracellular protein expression, secrete proteins efficiently and allow simple purification, extensive post-translational modifications, no endotoxin Industrial strain improvement, amplification The combination of self-transformed efficient secretion vector and host can achieve the highest quality protein expression to the maximum extent; Patented Biobrick technology can be successfully used to the improvement and optimization of industrial strain
Insect baculovirus Protein  expression system Large gene capacity, high efficiency of exogenous gene expression, effective cell fold, moderate scalability, extensive post-translational modifications, glycosylation similar to mammalian cells, is relatively easy enzymatic deglycosylation, no endotoxin Virus vaccines, signal proteins, cytokines, kinases, etc. Adopt AcNPV-sf9 cells and high5 cells two expression systems, the selectivity of multiple expression systems, multiple hosts, multi-carrier greatly improve the success rate of protein expression
Mammalian Cell Protein  Expression System Higher expression levels, moderate scalability, cell suspension culture characteristic can do mass production, effective protein fold, suitable for protein secretion, full post-translational modifications, no endotoxin Complex higher eukaryotes proteins Adopt the specific combined methods of mammalian cell expression vector and a variety of transfection, optimize expression conditions, improve transfection efficiency, greatly shorten the experimental period, significantly increase the expression quantity

Protein expression system selection: Different protein expression systems have different characteristics, which need to be combined with protein applications, comprehensive consideration of conditions, and selection of appropriate expression systems.