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American Gene Synthesis Corporation

Update time : 2020-08-24

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American Gene Synthesis Corporation
The US gene synthesis industry is developed and depends on the developed biological industry. The government and enterprises invest relatively heavily in gene business. As an American Gene Synthesis Corporation, General Biosystems has a lot of room for development.

The researchers at General Biosystems are pioneers in genomics, proteomics, systems biology, synthetic biology and bioengineering.
In the field of gene synthesis, researchers have pioneered the use of microchips to economically synthesize oligonucleotide libraries and gene banks, and built the world’s first parallel-on-chip gene synthesizer, and developed complex software programs to Design and optimize complex gene banks and genetic systems.

As a professional American Gene Synthesis Corporation, General Biosystems is committed to developing more biotechnologies in the biological field. These new biotechnologies will have a wide range of applications and benefit human life and society in major ways.