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Application aspects of gene synthesis

Update time : 2020-07-23

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Application aspects of gene synthesis

The so-called gene synthesis is not limited by the source of genes, and opens the door for the artificial synthesis of genes that are extremely difficult to obtain or do not exist in nature.

In fact, the fascinating thing about gene synthesis is that it can be manipulated by humans to create new genes that do not exist in nature, opening up a new way for humans to transform living things. 

In the field of life sciences, the application of gene synthesis has been initially embodied in many aspects such as nucleic acid vaccines, artificial life, biomedicine, and clinical treatments, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Perform gene optimization and enhance gene expression

2. Synthesize difficult-to-amplify genes with known sequences

3. Synthesize a large amount of cDNA for microchip cDNA chips are currently mainly used in gene expression detection, with the advantage of high throughput, which can quantitatively monitor the expression levels of a large number of genes, thereby helping researchers to explore gene functions, discover disease mechanisms, and perform treatment and diagnosis.

4. clone human mouse antibody or recombinant antibody

In addition to hybridoma technology to produce antibodies, recombinant antibody or genetic engineering antibody technology is currently used to obtain monoclonal antibodies by synthesizing genes in vitro and expressing them. 

The basic step is to artificially recombine the target gene, subclone the gene into an expression vector, transform the bacteria and induce expression, and finally purify the protein.

5. Design synthetic gene vaccines and gene therapy vectors

6. Modify the design gene according to the study of gene structure and function

7. Synthesize different gene mutant strains, SNPS or other mutant strains

The future development trend of gene synthesis has gradually become clear, opening a broader path towards the goal of benefiting all mankind.