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Basic process and price of custom gene synthesis service

Update time : 2020-07-08

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Basic process and price of custom gene synthesis service

General Biosystems, Inc. has a professional custom gene synthesis service expert team and technical equipment, which integrates advanced gene sequence design and optimization technology, and can synthesize genes of any length and various difficult genes for you according to customer needs.

Service order:

Gene length

Delivery cycle


400 bp

58 days


4001500 bp

58 days


15013000 bp

1015 days


30014000 bp

1520 days


40015000 bp

2025 days


50016000 bp

2025 days


6000 bp



Difficult gene



If the customer does not specify a vector, the company defaults to cloning the customer's target gene sequence onto PUC57, and no subcloning fee is charged.

service advantage:

• Short cycle

Reliable advanced gene synthesis technology

Seamless seamless cloning scheme

Precise expression system optimization

Perfect project management

Service Description:


Gene length: If the length of the gene sequence is less than 300bp, 300bp will be charged.

Expected cloning vector: Please specify in the order form or service contract.

Gene characteristics

Is there any serious repetitive sequence: for example, a fragment repeats several times; or within 100 bp, the length of the repeated sequence exceeds 40 bp; or within 100 bp, the length of the reverse complementary sequence exceeds 30 bp.

The GC content of the gene: whether the GC content is <30% or >70% (conventional gene: refers to the GC content of the whole or part of the gene fragment between 30%-70%).

If you have special requirements, please call 18051907886, General Biosystems, Inc. will provide you with good custom gene synthesis service.