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Biotechnology Services—General Biosystems

Update time : 2020-07-17

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Biotechnology Services—General Biosystems

As a professional biotechnology company, General Biosystems, with the support of its technology and R&D team, makes it more capable to provide customers with more biotechnology services, such as gene synthesis, subcloning, protein expression and other services.


Gene synthesis service:

With the world's top expert team, the most advanced equipment and perfect gene design and optimization software, General Biosystems can synthesize genes of any length and complexity to meet your needs.


Subcloning service: 

General Biosystems uses molecular biotechnology to introduce target genes into target vectors for further research. It has now been put into practical use. For example, if you want to study the role of genes in E. coli, you can import vectors into mature E. coli expression vector (for example, pUC9) to facilitate subsequent research. 

Protein expression services:

General Biosystems provides professional protein expression and purification services in most host systems. Suitable for most commonly used host services, including E. coli, yeast and mammalian cells.


For detailed biotechnology services, please contact 18051907886.

General Biosystems will customize the services that will satisfy you in all directions.