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Characteristics of gene synthesis service

Update time : 2020-07-03

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Characteristics of gene synthesis service
Whole gene synthesis is one of the important gene acquisition methods. Gene synthesis refers to a technique of splicing artificially synthesized oligonucleotides into genes using biochemical methods. The raw material for gene synthesis is oligonucleotides, so the artificially synthesized gene sequence is not limited by the template. If genes are life software, gene synthesis is to write life programs. This is different from the traditional gene cloning technology. The latter is a direct copy of the existing programs in nature, which is naturally very limited.
Synbio Gene utilizes unique gene synthesis technology to provide customers with high-throughput gene synthesis services-including sequence design and optimization, gene synthesis, gene cloning, product verification using sequencing and enzyme digestion, and preparation of μg to mg Grade plasmids (optional endotoxin removal service), etc.

Service characteristics:

• Advantages of synthetic technology: Syngene's unique gene synthesis technology can synthesize most genes, including DNA sequences containing repetitive sequences and secondary structures. The above prices are applicable to most genes (including sequences with mild and moderate repeats or hairpins). For extremely complex genes, please inquire.

• Free expression system optimization: our biological information platform can optimize the target sequence according to your expression system to meet your special needs.

• Free standard vector cloning: Synthetic genes are generally cloned into pMV(AmpR) or pKMV(KanR). After sequencing verification, the sequence is  correct. If the gene cannot be cloned, we will deliver it as a PCR product and only charge 80% of the fee.

• Special vector cloning strategy: The cloning strategy designed by Synbiotics Technology team can ensure that we insert the gene into the designated position of the vector you are interested in. Our experts will ensure that your follow-up experiments no longer need to consider the restriction of restriction sites. If you need to clone the synthetic gene into the vector you are interested in, you will be charged an additional 250 yuan (<1kb, +100 yuan/kb) (depending on the difficulty of cloning). The vector needs to be provided by you.

• Service guarantee and commitment: Synbiogene solemnly promises that it has no ownership of the nucleic acid/amino acid sequence or gene synthesis results provided by customers, and promises to keep the results strictly confidential and will not distribute them to third parties in any form. If the gene sequence is special and affects the synthesis, we will notify the customer in time and may extend the delivery time or cancel the order. If the order is cancelled, the customer does not have to pay a fee. If the customer needs the part of the gene sequence that has been successfully synthesized, he will have to pay a 20% discount for this part of the sequence.

Welcome to call 888-778-6481, or send an email to sales@biolytic.cn for consultation, General Biosystems genetic technology engineers will serve you wholeheartedly.