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Comparison of artificial gene synthesis and traditional molecular cloning

Update time : 2020-08-13

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Comparison of artificial gene synthesis and traditional molecular cloning

As early as the 1970s, PCR cloning has been a basic technology widely used in laboratories for more than 30 years. 

Molecular cloning is an experimental method that is used to recombine DNA molecules and clone directly into vectors. 

Gene synthesis can artificially synthesize double-stranded DNA in vitro, and the length of the synthesized product is usually 50bp-12Kb. 

In vitro artificial gene synthesis is different from traditional molecular cloning and PCR cloning in some respects. The traditional molecular cloning technology is used to reassemble DNA molecules and clone them into vectors. 

However, not every gene can be expressed efficiently in these vector systems, which also means that molecular cloning may not be the best choice for these genes. Therefore, through gene synthesis technology, genes that can be efficiently expressed in different systems can be re-synthesized.

Advantages of gene synthesis:

  • Save time and human resources;
  • Fully guaranteed sequence;
  • All target codon changes can be completed at once;
  • New base pairings can be created, expanding the possibilities of biological forms.

The advantages of generalbiosystems gene synthesis and cloning:

  • Generalbiosystems gene synthesis platform: the patented gene synthesis platform can perfectly synthesize genes. Currently, the gene synthesis throughput of generalbiosystems exceeds 1,000,000 base pairs.
  • Codon optimization software: Provide free codon optimization services during gene synthesis, which can optimize gene sequences and increase protein expression.
  • High quality: High-quality synthesis of complex sequences, including repetitive sequences, hairpin structures, high GC content and poly structures.
  • Short cycle: The correct gene synthesis sequence can be completed in 5 working days.
  • Cost-effective: Gene synthesis price of generalbiosystems high-throughput DNA synthesis platform is 0.16 yuan/bp.
  • Strong delivery capacity: generalbiosystems can deliver up to 200kb DNA fragments.

Generalbiosystems is a professional gene synthesis and molecular cloning service company. 

It can provide gene synthesis and molecular cloning services and applications, as well as a wide range of application services for customers in protein expression, biological system optimization, gene assembly, oligomerization and DNA information storage.