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Custom Gene Synthesis

Update time : 2020-04-22

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Custom Gene Synthesis

With world's top-level expert team, most advanced equipment, and sophisticated gene design and optimization software, General Biosystems can synthesize genes of any length and complexity to suit your needs. We can synthesize and clone any DNA sequences (even complex, GC-rich, repeated, or long genes) into prokaryotic, eukaryotic or viral vectors. Genes up to 3,000 bp are normally synthesized in 1-2 weeks!

Features & Benefits

·  Free codon optimization upon request.

·  Accept genes over 40-kb in length.

·  Flexible cloning choices: standard cloning, custom cloning and GB Seamless Cloning.

·  Free subcloning into one of our standard vectors.

·  As low as $49 for subcloning into any vector of our choice.

·  As fast as 5 Business Days, on average 2 weeks turn around time.

·  100% sequence-guaranteed synthetic genes of the highest quality.

Guarantee: General Biosystems will guarantee appropriate genes (see Terms & Conditions) to ship from General Biosystems within the above turnaround times once an order has been approved. Appropriate genes that fail to meet the business day turnaround time posted will be credited with half the gene cost on your General Biosystems account (could be used for your further orders).

Service Procedure

Service Options

Sequence Length

Delivery time



5~8 Business days



8~10 Business days



12~14 Business days



16~22 Business days





Standard Deliverables:

- 4-5 ug Lyophilized DNA in tubes or plates
- Plasmid map (Electronic)
- Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (electronic)
- Certificate of Analysis (COA)
Special notice: We promise not to release or use customer's gene sequence or other related information in any forms. We will destroy all primers, plasmids and strains after the products have been delivered for one month.
For batch orders, please order our High-throughput Gene Synthesis Service starting from as low as $0.16/bp (Min order size: 10 genes).

Vector Information
-Our standard vector is PUC57_BsaI_Free/pBlueScript II SK(+). Synthetic genes will be cloned into standard vector for free.
-Cloning into our in stock commercial vectors is also free (NEW!). Please click here to view the vector maps.
-Any other vectors must be provided by the customer along with full-length sequence and/or map. Now we offer free, secure storage of your custom plasmid vectors or commercial vectors service, and only $29 cloning into any archived vectors bundled with future gene synthesis orders.
-Worrying about the customs clearance problems? Please contact us to inquire about our distributors.
BioCat GmbHExclusive Distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

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Online Order

Download and fill out the order form and email to info@generalbiosystems.com . We will promptly confirm the order with you and arrange for production.

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