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Custom gene synthesis only takes one week

Update time : 2020-09-24

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Custom gene synthesis only takes one week
In the field of synthetic biology, General Biology pioneered the use of microchips to synthesize oligonucleotide libraries and gene banks economically, and built the world's first parallel on-chip gene synthesizer.

With such biotechnology, General Biosystems can synthesize genes of any length and complexity to meet your needs. 

We can synthesize any DNA sequence (even complex, GC-rich, repetitive or long genes) and clone it into prokaryotic, eukaryotic or viral vectors. Genes up to 3,000 bp are usually synthesized in 1-2 weeks!

Features and advantages of General Biosystems's custom gene synthesis:

· Provide free codon optimization upon request.

· Accept genes longer than 40kb.

· Flexible cloning options: standard cloning, custom cloning and GB seamless cloning.

· Free subcloning into one of our standard vectors.

· The cost of subcloning into any vector of our choice is as low as $49.

·The fastest is 5 working days and it takes about 2 weeks on average.

·The highest quality synthetic gene guaranteed by sequence.

Service Options:

Sequence Length

Delivery time



5~8 Business days



8~10 Business days



12~14 Business days



16~22 Business days