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Do you understand gene synthesis?

Update time : 2020-07-01

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Do you understand gene synthesis?

Gene synthesis refers to the technique of artificially synthesizing double-stranded DNA molecules in vitro, which is different from oligonucleotide synthesis: oligonucleotides are single-stranded, and the longest fragment that can be synthesized is only about 100 nt, while gene synthesis is For the synthesis of double-stranded DNA molecules, the length range that can be synthesized is 50bp-12kb. Gene synthesis is a technology that uses artificial methods to synthesize genes, and is one of the methods of gene acquisition. Compared with obtaining genes from existing organisms, gene synthesis does not require a template, so it is not limited by the source of genes.

Gene synthesis

Advantages of gene synthesis:

✧ The synthesis period is short, which can ensure the sequence is completely correct

Gene synthesis has greater flexibility, and can modify the gene cleavage site and gene sequence to facilitate downstream cloning and experiments

Researchers design genes that are difficult to obtain or even do not exist in nature according to their own wishes

✧ Gene synthesis genes can be codon optimized so that the genes can be well expressed in various biological expression systems

Application of gene synthesis:

clone human mouse antibody or recombinant antibody

✧ Synthesize different gene mutant strains, SNPS, or other mutant strains

Design and synthesis of DNA vaccine

✧ Mass synthesis of cDNA for microchips