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Fast gene synthesis in just four days from generalbiosystems

Update time : 2020-07-07

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Fast  gene synthesis in just four days from generalbiosystems

For the customer base that wants to deliver quickly, we recommend FastGene. Compared with ordinary gene synthesis, under the support of automated and standardized processes, rapid gene synthesis can greatly reduce the waiting time of customers, and the product delivery can be completed within the fastest 4 working days.

Note: The following conditions must be met for fast gene synthesis

Gene length should be less than or equal to 3 kb

The vector is pUC57

Normal genes, non-complex sequences

Standard delivery procedures, excluding subcloning, special plasmid requirements, point mutation and other related requirements

Project details:

Length range

Delivery cycle (working day)


≤399 bp



400 bp~1,000 bp


1,001~1,500 bp


1,501 bp~3,000 bp


Remarks: Limited to normal gene synthesis less than 3 kb, if you need to do codon optimization services, you need to increase the time required for codon optimization.

Customer provided:

"Whole gene synthesis order form": You need to provide information such as gene name, length, cloning vector, cloning site, vector length, vector resistance, gene sequence or protein sequence.

Delivery of finished products:

4 μg dry powder plasmid; one tube of glycerol containing recombinant plasmid

Delivery information:

✦ Sequencing peak map (ABI file)

✦ Sequence stitching and alignment file (SQD format)

✦ One gene synthesis report

✦ A comparison report of sequencing results

If you have any other questions, please call 888-778-6481.