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GenStrand Fragment

Update time : 2020-04-22

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GenStrand Fragment

Our GenStrand Fragment are double-stranded, linear DNA fragments, which can be used for a variety of research applications due to the faster delivery time, more economical price, and greater flexibility. They could be shipped in only a few working days and will be provided in a lyophilized tube which can be easily re-suspended cloned, and screened to identify the correct clone for downstream applications.

Service Advantages

Cloning Accuracy: More than 85% of the recombinant colonies from cloning GENEFragments are correct.
Flexible and Versatile: Gene Fragments can easily be used either independently or reliably assembled into full length genes and pathways; fitting any major cloning protocol.
Excellent Customer: Our Ph.D.-level project managers ensure that every single project is well managed.
Economical: Cost-effective to meet your strict budget constraints, starting at just $79 /gene fragment.

Service Options

Length (bp)


Turnaround Time

Predicted Cloning Accuracy



3-5 business days






5-7 business days





*Only sequences with overall GC content between 20% and 80% qualify for GENEFragments service. GC/AT rich or sequences with complex repeats do not qualify
*For batch orders, additional 1-2 business days is expected to add to completion time.

Online Order

Download and fill out the order form and email to info@generalbiosystems.com . We will promptly confirm the order with you and arrange for production.

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