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High-throughput Gene Synthesis Service——generalbiosystems

Update time : 2020-07-06

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High-throughput Gene Synthesis Service——generalbiosystems
The rapid development of synthetic biology has placed an increasingly urgent need on the ability of gene synthesis.In recent years, microchip gene synthesis technology has made exciting new progress and is developing in the direction of high throughput, high fidelity, and automation. General Biosystems, Inc. has leading technology in this field, can provide customers with fast and inexpensive high-throughput gene synthesis services, especially suitable for the synthesis of a large number of gene fragments and long genome sequences.

Service fee:

Gene Length Price*


Minimum charge


250bp - 3,000bp


3,001bp - 5,000bp


5,001bp - 8,000bp


Service process:

Service application:

• Protein/antibody engineering
• Metabolic engineering
• Gene combination
• Synthetic biology
• Structural biology
• Scanning gene mutation library
• Structural function research
• Gene regulation research
• Plant biology
• Vaccine development

The General Biosystems high-throughput gene synthesis platform can satisfy your scientific research to a great extent with a huge gene synthesis flux-monthly flux exceeding 100 million base pairs.