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High-throughput Gene Synthesis

Update time : 2020-04-22

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High-throughput Gene Synthesis

Features & Benefits

·  Free codon optimization upon request.

·  Accept genes up to 10,000bp in length.

·  Flexible cloning choices: standard cloning, custom cloning and GB Seamless Cloning.

·  Free subcloning into one of our standard vectors.

·  Next Generation on-chip Gene Synthesis technology.

·  100% sequence guaranteed.

·  Higher throughput and lowest cost on market.

·  Allow researchers to spend their time designing experiments and interpreting results. No longer wasting time building constructs.

Guarantee: General Biosystems will guarantee appropriate genes (see Terms & Conditions) to ship from General Biosystems within the above turnaround times once an order has been approved. Appropriate genes that fail to meet the business day turnaround time posted will be credited with half the gene cost on your General Biosystems account (could be used for your further orders).

Service Options

Sequence Length


Delivery time

Minimum Order



10 Business Days

10 genes



15 Business Days

10 genes



20 Business Days

10 genes




10 genes

Standard Deliverables:

- 4-5 ug Lyophilized DNA in tubes or plates
- Plasmid map (Electronic)
- Sequence chromatograms covering your gene (electronic)
- Certificate of Analysis (COA)
Special notice: We promise not to release or use customer's gene sequence or other related information in any forms. We will destroy all primers, plasmids and strains after the products have been delivered for one month.

Online Order

Download and fill out the order form and email to info@generalbiosystems.com . We will promptly confirm the order with you and arrange for production.

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