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High-throughput gene synthesis platform

Update time : 2020-12-28

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High-throughput gene synthesis platform
The rapid development of synthetic biology has put forward an increasingly urgent need for gene synthesis capabilities. Generalbiosystems has leading technology in this field and can provide customers with fast and inexpensive high-throughput gene synthesis services, especially suitable for the synthesis of a large number of gene fragments and long genome sequences.

Advantages of high-throughput gene synthesis:

  • Provide free codon optimization upon request.
  • Accept genes up to 10,000bp.
  • Flexible clone options: standard clone, custom clone and GB seamless clone.
  • Free subcloning into one of our standard vectors.
  • Next-generation on-chip gene synthesis technology.
  • Ensure that the sequence is completely correct.
  • Higher throughput and lowest market cost.
  • Let researchers spend time designing experiments and interpreting results. No more wasting time to build structures.
On the basis of providing customers with high-throughput gene synthesis, Generalbiosystems can also provide customized gene synthesis services to meet customers' corresponding gene synthesis needs.