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High-throughput sequencing—Generalbiosystems

Update time : 2021-01-07

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High-throughput sequencing—Generalbiosystems
Generalbiosystems provides a wide range of second-generation sequencing needs for scientific researchers. Services provided include capture chip preparation, library preparation, sample verification, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis, etc.

Service type

Genome sequencing

Genomic DNA sequencing allows researchers to obtain sequence information of part of the genome, and can also discover new genome sequences from organisms of any source. For samples from various organisms and tissue types, we provide a variety of related services, including library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis. 

The practical applications of these experiments include genetic variation analysis and the discovery of new genes through de novo assembly.

Transcriptome sequencing
We provide fast and high-quality transcriptome sequencing, which is widely used in gene expression profiling, SNP detection, alternative splicing and transcript annotation, etc. The specific library preparation method developed by us can meet the requirements of high specificity and low sample input.

miRNA sequencing

The high-sensitivity sequencing method we developed can obtain new microRNA sequences even with a small amount of sample input. miRNA sequencing is widely used in the discovery of new biomarkers and miRNA expression profile analysis. 

For miRNA samples from various organisms and tissue types, we provide you with services such as library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis.

PCR amplicon sequencing
Amplicon sequencing is the sequencing of PCR products, which has a higher reading depth and coverage. Second-generation amplicon sequencing can not only perform accurate mutation screening, but also detect low-frequency mutations. Amplicon sequencing can complete sequencing of hundreds of PCR amplicons from any source at a time.