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New use of eggs: can extract protein used to treat cancer

Update time : 2020-10-13

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New use of eggs: can extract protein used to treat cancer

Eggs are a kind of food that people are very familiar with. Eggs have high nutritional value and are a good source of high-quality protein and B vitamins. 

They can also provide a certain amount of fat, vitamin A and minerals. In addition to eating, eggs may also have big uses in the pharmaceutical field: early scientists have used eggs to produce vaccines, but the latest research scientists have successfully tried to extract proteins with powerful anti-cancer and anti-viral effects from eggs.


In a new study, researchers genetically engineered hens to produce several types of cytokines: interferon alpha 2a (IFNalpha2a) and two types (human and pig) fusion colony stimulating factor (CSF1) protein . 

IFNalpha2a has antiviral properties and can also be used for cancer treatment; and CSF1 has great potential in the process of tissue repair.

In order to cultivate these cytokines, the researchers coded them into the hen's DNA so that the protein would form part of the protein. 

Then, researchers can easily extract cytokines through a simple protein purification system. The research team pointed out that this method will not affect the health of the hens, and that mass production of therapeutic cytokines will be a more cost-effective method because only three eggs are needed to produce a usable dose.

Dr. Ceri Lyn-Adams, Head of Health Sciences Strategy for Swindon Biosciences, UK, believes: "These recent research results provide promising evidence for the potential of more economical, protein-based drugs for future drug discovery and development."

This protein extraction technology research can be used not only in the treatment of human diseases, but also in other fields such as animal health and scientific research.