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Oligomerization service manufacturer-General Biosystems

Update time : 2020-07-27

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Oligomerization service manufacturer-General Biosystems
As a DNA oligomerization service company and manufacturer, General Biosystems can synthesize DNA oligonucleotide libraries according to customer requirements.

General Biosystems is a biotechnology company based in the United States. It is keen to understand how genetic information is stored and programmed in DNA and how it can be used to guide various biological processes. With this knowledge, it can develop innovative technologies and tools to program and physically write or print new genetic codes. 

The new regulations will constitute a blueprint for new or improved biological functions and biological systems. These new biological systems will have a wide range of applications and will benefit human life and society in major ways.

In the field of synthetic biology, General Biosystems pioneered the use of microchips to economically synthesize oligonucleotide libraries and gene banks, and built the world's first parallel on-chip gene synthesizer. 

They also developed sophisticated software programs to design and optimize complex gene banks and genetic systems.

General Biosystems uses these new technologies to bring synthetic biology and biological research into a new era.