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PCR Cloning Service Firm —— General biosystems

Update time : 2020-09-17

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PCR Cloning Service Firm —— General biosystems

Generalbiosystems's cloning technology can help customers clone the target gene to any designated position of the desired vector without relying on the vector restriction site, satisfying customers' various cloning ideas, and greatly saves compared to ordinary cloning Time. 

For the same vector cloning of different gene fragments, we can also efficiently complete high-throughput subcloning services.

Different from subcloning, PCR cloning can introduce sequence modification to the primer binding regions of the two ends of the DNA fragment during the cloning process, so it has a wider application range and corresponding experimental difficulty. 

According to the template sequence provided by the customer, design amplification primers to clone the PCR product of the target segment into a specific site of the new vector, and sequence verification.

Features of PCR Cloning Service

Platform advantage: General biosystems's cloning and fusion technology does not rely on ready-made restriction sites, and is confident to honor the promise of loading any gene sequence into any vector and any site.

Customer provides information

Template sequence: The customer needs to provide the sequencing result of the template sequence. If there is no sequencing result, additional testing is required for verification
Customers need to provide the exact sequence of the target DNA fragment and the corresponding restriction site
Carrier information: The customer needs to provide commercial carrier information; if it is a self-made vector, it needs to provide the vector cloning site sequencing result. If there is no sequencing result, additional test verification is required

PCR clone shipping form

The standard delivery form for Gene Synthesis Business of General Biology is:

  • 1 tube of about 2~5 µg dry powder plasmid DNA
  • 1 tube of glycerol bacteria or puncture bacteria containing the corresponding plasmid
  • Original peak map of sequencing results, in .ab1 format
  • Contains the COA file for QC digestion verification

You can place an order or consult in any of the following ways, and we guarantee to give you feedback within 1 hour during working hours:

Email: sales@biolytic.cn
Telephone order: You can directly call the toll-free hotline 888-778-6481 to contact our experienced engineers
Online consultation: You can interact with us on the web if you have any technical questions