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PCR cloning and subcloning

Update time : 2020-08-10

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PCR cloning and subcloning

Molecular cloning technology is a technology developed in the 1970s. It has now become a widely used technology in molecular biology. 

Its emergence has given people more possibilities for understanding and modifying genes, and is useful for agriculture,Industry and medicine have had a revolutionary impact, while also providing new solutions to the energy, food and environmental crises facing the world.

PCR cloning:
The PCR cloning technology is similar to the natural replication process of DNA and consists of three basic reaction steps: denaturation-annealing-extension. Primers are designed according to known sequences to obtain target fragments from the genome. Obtaining the target gene by PCR cloning technology is one of the important processes of DNA cloning.


Subcloning technology means that the foreign DNA fragments in the initial cloning are relatively large, and there are many fragments other than the target gene. 

In order to further analyze the target DNA or recombinate, re-clone the target DNA fragments that have been obtained. 

This process is called subcloning. The basic process of subcloning includes screening of target fragments, preparation of cloning vectors, transfer of ligation products into cells and screening of recombinants.

Whether it is PCR cloning technology or subcloning technology, it uses recombination technology to insert the obtained target gene into a vector in vitro to form a recombined vector, which then enters the host body through transduction/transformation method, and thus in the host body Realize gene replication and amplification, and finally obtain the cloning vector containing the target gene through the screening method, and realize the purification and amplification of DNA fragments at the molecular level.

Generalbiosystems has a patented gene synthesis platform, which can provide one-stop services from gene synthesis and vector construction to PCR cloning and subcloning. 

According to the template cloning and sequence provided by the customer, the amplification primers are designed to clone the target segment PCR product into The new vector is placed on a specific site and sequenced verification is performed to provide customers with accurate and rapid subcloning services.