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PCR cloning ——Generalbiosystems

Update time : 2020-08-07

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PCR cloning ——Generalbiosystems

Are you tired of PCR cloning?

Generalbiosystems can provide you with cloning services, so you can get rid of conventional gene cloning work, and devote your energy and time to more creative research. Our molecular biology experts can bind gene synthesis and cloning to a vector of your choice, or you can outsource DNA cloning projects from existing templates.

If you need to custom clone an existing DNA template (and do not require new gene synthesis), we provide a custom PCR cloning service that allows you to outsource molecular cloning projects. The starting price is US$295 and the business hours are 14 working days.

General Biosystems can select more than 150 free vectors for cloning for you to use in mammalian, bacterial, yeast or baculovirus/insect expression systems-an unbeatable price of only $49 and a turnaround time of 2 days. Your gene synthesis order is in progress.

The advantages of Generalbiosystems cloning service:

Order DNA cloning services from generalbiosystems, and you can get ready-made constructs-no semi-finished products are required, which will require time-consuming and potentially expensive work to digest, ligate, PCR amplification, gel purification, transformation, screening, preparation and sorting, You can even start experimenting!

✦ Before starting the experiment, the construct can be prepared without any preparatory work.
No need to order multiple kits and services from multiple suppliers to collect all the reagents you need.
✦ Generalbiosystems no longer carries the risk of incorrect construction, because generalbiosystems only ships  sequence-verified constructions with sequence chromatograms.
✦ Comparable timelines, complete the work on time!