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PCR subcloning service price

Update time : 2020-08-18

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PCR subcloning service price
As a professional PCR cloning, ta cloning, and subcloning biological company, Generalbiosystems can provide customers with affordable PCR subcloning services price.

Subcloning service requirements

1. Generalbiosystems quantified the source plasmid for calibration to ensure that it is true and consistent with the original sequence provided by you. 

If the customer has re-verified, please provide the array electropherogram file.

2. In the case of not involving research topics, please try to provide the map of the plasmid to be cloned and the map of the target vector so that we can design the experimental plan.
3. Please provide the restriction site requirements of the target sequence.

PCR subcloning service price

Less than 1000bp  
3000bp or more
75$ 80$ 125$ 150$ inquire

If you have other PCR subcloning, subcloning and other services in need of consultation, please email sales@biolytic.cn to Generalbiosystems, Generalbiosystems will provide you with more quality services.