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Price of Escherichia coli protein expression service

Update time : 2020-11-17

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Price of Escherichia coli protein expression service

The Escherichia coli protein expression system is the most commonly used expression system, and is the most widely used and most economical protein expression system. However, there are still problems such as low expression, low protein activity, easy formation of inclusion bodies, and endotoxins. Generalbiosystems can provide a range of services from codon optimization to large-scale fermentation preparation.

        ◆No protein expression, "0" fee;
        ◆Ultra-low discount, starting from $135;
        ◆Step-by-step packages for selection, can provide customized services;
        ◆Independently researched and developed vectors, which efficiently promote expression and promote solubility, pCreat series;

Service order:

Item Experiment content
Price Working day
Expression identification and solubility test

1. SDS-PAGE expression detection of 5 clones after competent transformation.

2. Analyze and detect the solubility of the optimal clone at 37° and 15°, optimize the concentration of the two inducers, and detect the conventional label antibody by SDS-PAGE and WB.

$135 7
Expression identification and solubility detection + 1L amplification expression purification
Deliver protein samples> 1mg (protein purity 80-85%), and detailed experimental reports.

The above steps + 1L bacterial liquid one-step affinity purification
(Commonly used: nickel column, MBP, GST)

$533 20

◆ The competent types of Escherichia coli we can provide are: BL21 (DE3), Rosetta (DE3), toxic pLysS, disulfide-promoting Origami, etc.

Service Description:

According to your research needs, we can provide you with the competent types of E. coli: BL21 (DE3), Rosetta (DE3), toxic pLysS, Origami, etc. At the same time, we will provide the following additional services according to your needs:
Protein requirements for other specifications: Calculated based on the amount of expression and purification of 1 L, the purification cost per 1 L is $182.
The protein purity is increased to 90%, and the charge is $229 within 1-5mg.
The protein purity is increased to 95%, and the charge is $229 within 1-5mg.
If you need to remove the fusion label by enzyme digestion, the cost is $152 per 1~5mg, and the price is for other quantities.