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Protein Expression and Purification Service Company USA

Update time : 2020-11-04

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Protein Expression and Purification Service Company USA

General Biosystems USA protein expression platform has established four major recombinant protein expression systems  from prokaryotic to eukaryotic, and established a cell-free expression system. 

It has a series of protein expression and purification technologies such as protein expression technology based on insect virus outer membrane protein display, membrane protein expression technology, etc. , Has the ability to prepare a variety of difficult proteins.

The recombinant protein provided covers cytokines, channel proteins, receptor proteins, enzymes, hormone proteins, disease-related proteins, and various animal, plant and pathogenic microorganism proteins.

At present, General Biosystems can provide 70 kinds of natural proteins, 100 kinds of small molecule antigens and 582 kinds of active proteins, and has more than 1,000 recombinant proteins in stock. 

The total number of proteins developed by General Biosystems has exceeded 6,100, and the total number of all transmembrane proteins is more than 36,000.

Why choose General Biosystems protein expression and purification services?

1. 100% risk-free protection

All protein products of General Biosystems are verified under strict quality control standards to ensure product quality. 

If the product fails to achieve the effect in the manual during use, please contact us during the product warranty period. We will provide comprehensive technical support. 

If the problem cannot be solved in the end, we will provide you with replacement according to your wishes. Price products or refund services.

2. Strict quality control process

General Biosystems has always believed that product quality is the cornerstone of customer service. Based on this belief, our company has invested a lot of resources in protein development, application verification and quality improvement. 

Moreover, our company will re-inspect each protein product before leaving the factory. The quality inspection indicators involved include: protein concentration, molecular size, purity, endotoxin, biological activity and sequence.

3. Five major expression systems featured by General Biosystems

General Biosystems has five recombinant expression systems, namely yeast, E. coli, insect baculovirus, mammalian cells and cell-free (in vitro E. coli). 

Different expression systems have different characteristics, are suitable for expressing proteins of different properties, and can meet the different experimental requirements of researchers.

4. Provide multiple tags for the same protein

General Biosystems can provide multiple tags for each protein to meet the different needs of different customers.

5. Accept large-size protein customization

General Biosystems has multiple large-scale fermentation tanks (50L and 500L), which can provide hardware support for large-scale protein production. At present, our company has successfully completed several 100mg, 200mg and 500mg industrial batch orders.

6. Professional R&D team

General Biosystems has a research and development team composed of PhDs and masters. 60% of the small partners are technicians, of which 20% have a doctoral degree and 40% have a master degree. The excellent technicians are from well-known institutions at home and abroad, and have many years of protein development experience.

7. No animal components

At the request of our customers, General Biosystems has newly developed a product line of recombinant protein without animal components. Recombinant protein without animal components can greatly reduce the potential contamination of variable factors and mammalian pathogens in the production process. These animal component-free proteins are produced in animal-free media, and the purification equipment involved does not contain animal components.

8. Various forms of transportation
  • Liquid form
General Biosystems default delivery form is. If the customer has a requirement for freeze-dried form, this requirement can be indicated when ordering.

  • Lyophilized powder form
Compared with the liquid form, the freeze-dried form is more stable and has a longer shelf life. However, the lyophilization process may destroy the protein structure and affect the activity of some proteins.