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Protein purification service provider

Update time : 2021-01-06

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Protein purification service provider

A stable supply of large amounts of pure biologically active protein is essential for the development of protein drugs and detection methods. By combining Generalbiosystems' expertise in protein chemistry, analytical chemistry and functional analysis to provide customers with large-scale protein purification and process development, biosynthesis can fully meet these needs. 

Using our extensive and reliable protein purification systems and skills, we can isolate proteins from natural sources, such as antibodies, enzymes, growth factors, DNA binding proteins, membrane proteins, blood proteins or recombinant proteins expressed in different vectors.

Protein purification services start with the physical, chemical and biological analysis of the target protein, and then develop customized procedures for its extraction, purification and characterization. In addition, we can assist you to modify, label and/or conjugate target proteins to drugs, peptides, oligonucleotides and other biomolecules.

Generalbiosystems is committed to total quality management (TQM) and standard operating procedures to ensure complete customer satisfaction. It also independently follows QC (Quality Control) and QA (Quality Assurance) procedures to provide you with the highest possible quality assurance for each delivered purified protein. In addition, our full-time technical account manager will guide you through each step of the process and keep you informed of the latest project progress.