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RNA oligonucleotide synthesis service

Update time : 2021-01-04

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RNA oligonucleotide synthesis service
Generalbiosystems provides customized RNA oligonucleotide synthesis services that can be used for various labeling, modification, scale and purity. We provide RNA synthesis of long RNA oligonucleotides up to 300 bases long.

RNA oligonucleotides are synthesized using the latest nucleic acid technology and purified using RNase-free PAGE electrophoresis combined with HPLC. Our RNA oligonucleotide synthesis service provides mass spectrometry analysis. The purified RNA oligonucleotides are subjected to strict analytical HPLC or gel electrophoresis to determine the final purity.
RNA oligonucleotide synthesis service
Use our RNaseSAFE TM service to process RNA oligonucleotides, where the RNA oligonucleotides are packaged in RNase-free matrix tubes to prevent degradation during transportation and storage. This standard service helps protect the biological activity of RNA oligonucleotides.

For more information about RNA synthesis services such as RNAi, siRNA, shRNA, mRNA, please contact us or send an email to sales@biolytic.cn.
RNA synthesis and deprotection are performed using proprietary parallel synthesis and deprotection technology. This advanced technology allows us to synthesize oligonucleotides with higher coupling efficiency and rapid deprotection, thus shortening the turnaround time.

RNA synthesis service:

  • Deprotected, desalted and ready to use
  • Multi-scale capacity (large scale, grams)
  • Purify by RNase-free PAGE or RP-HPLC as required
  • Quality control analysis by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, HPLC, PAGE analysis
  • Packaged in an inert chemical matrix-inactivated and stable during processing
  • Fast delivery and high throughput capacity

Professional RNA synthesis:

  • Long RNA synthesis (up to 300 bases): Our long RNA synthesis success rate exceeds most industry standards
  • Flexible synthesis platform: Combining solid phase and ligation technology can successfully synthesize highly complex RNA oligonucleotides
  • The most advanced laboratory: high-throughput, large-capacity, large-scale, multi-gram synthesizer