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Synthetic price of 384-well plate

Update time : 2020-09-08

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Synthetic price of 384-well plate
Artificial gene synthesis is one of the important means to obtain genes. Because it does not require a template and is fully controllable in sequence, it is of great significance to applications such as oligomerization, gene synthesis and gene detection.
Generalbiosystems-oligomerization-384-well plate synthesis provides high-efficiency and low-cost services for gene synthesis.


· The most advanced high-throughput DNA synthesizer.
· Low error rate.

· Free concentration is normalized.


· Synthetic biology
· Genetic disease research
· Agriculture and Food Science

Generalbiosystems oligomerization-384-well plate synthesis price & specifications

Final Amount
2 nmole
5-60 bases
$ 0.08 / base

Standard deliverables:

-Dry powder or solution in specified concentration

Qualified board:

-Dry powder or solution in specified concentration and volume (usually 20 or 50 uM in 100 ul)

If you are interested, please send an email to info@generalbiosystems.com for more detailed information about the synthesis of 384-well plates.