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It only takes 5 days! The fastest gene synthesis methods.

Update time : 2020-06-18

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It only takes 5 days! The fastest gene synthesis methods.

 Are you still waiting for the gene to be synthesized a week ago?

 Have you ever affected the progress of the experiment due to long-term gene synthesis?


General Biosystems will provide high-quality and fast gene synthesis services, you only need to provide nucleotide or amino acid sequences, and we will submit the ideal plasmid containing the target gene to you in the shortest time!

Description of fast gene synthesis service

Fast gene synthesis needs to meet the following conditions:

• Non-complex sequences

• Length ≤ 2.0kb

• Cloning into pUC57 vector

• No point mutation and plasmid preparation

◉ If the customer does not specify a vector, we defaults to cloning the customer's target gene sequence onto PUC57, and no subcloning fee is charged.

Fast gene synthesis service steps

Primer synthesis

Fragment stitching


•QC (enzyme digestion, sequencing verification)

•Delivery acceptance

Fast gene synthesis service delivery cycle & price

Gene length

Delivery period

Price (yuan/bp)

300 bp

5 working days


3001200 bp

5 working days


12012000 bp

7 working days


Instructions for fast gene synthesis service delivery

Our company provides customers with all technical information and products, including:

• COA file

• Plasmid structure diagram

• About 5μg freeze-dried plasmid DNA

• Sequencing map

• A tube of glycerol or puncture bacteria containing recombinant plasmids

Special statement: The company promises not to spread, open or use any form of the customer's gene sequence, and to keep the relevant information completely confidential. One month after the company delivers the product, it will completely destroy all relevant primers, plasmids and strains.

Hurry up and contact us through the following ways! !!

Tel : 888-778-6481
Eamil : info@generalbiosystems.com