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Top biotechnology company——General Biosystems

Update time : 2020-07-21

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Top biotechnology company——General Biosystems

As a biotechnology company, General Biosystems also serves as a biotechnology equipment supplier. General Biosystems is keen to study how genetic information is stored and programmed in DNA and how it can be used to guide various biological processes.

Scientists at General Biosystems are pioneers in genomics, proteomics, systems biology, synthetic biology, and bioengineering. 

Therefore, the biotechnology services provided by General Biosystems also include gene synthesis services, protein purification services, analytical system optimization services, oligo services, etc.; 

In addition, as a biotechnology equipment supplier, General Biosystems also provides customers with two main types of equipment: 2D3D cell tissue printer, automatic liquid dispensing station-GBot.

On the path of biotechnology research, General Biosystems constantly innovates and develops new technologies and tools to program and physically write or print new genetic codes. These new technologies will bring synthetic biology and biological research into a new era.