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Ultra-long gene synthesis-Generalbiosystems

Update time : 2020-08-21

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Ultra-long gene synthesis-Generalbiosystems
In the past ten to fifteen years, gene synthesis has developed rapidly in genetic research and is extremely popular. Generalbiosystems can realize the transformation from textual sequence requirements to physical sequence construction. Generalbiosystems can even produce gene sequence products that do not exist in nature.

Two commonly used long gene synthesis methods include: Gibson assembly method and yeast in vivo recombination technology. The most commonly used Gibson assembly method can achieve direct cloning or in vitro multi-fragment recombination. 

Many companies use this method to construct gene sequences of various lengths. Although the Gibson assembly method is effective and commonly used, it has the main drawback that the synthesis length is limited to less than 20,000 base pairs. So for long gene synthesis, new synthesis technology is urgently needed. Yeast in vivo recombination technology can assemble fragments up to 1.08M base pairs. 

This fragment length is longer than the average length of the prokaryotic genome, making yeast recombination in vivo a reliable technology for the synthesis of long or small genes. Generalbiosystems's gene synthesis platform, based on yeast recombination technology, provides one-stop services such as conventional gene synthesis, gene cluster synthesis, small gene combination, and ultra-long gene synthesis, fully guaranteeing sequence accuracy.

At Generalbiosystems, we are very confident that we can produce the gene sequence you require (the length range includes 200,000 base pairs). 

The successful synthesis of ultra-long genes has opened up new opportunities and new approaches for the study of various topics in genetics. General Biology is capable of high-accuracy gene synthesis within the target time.

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