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What is subcloning?——generalbiosystems

Update time : 2020-07-16

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What is subcloning?——generalbiosystems

Subcloning is a molecular biology technique. The technology aims to divide several regions from a cloned DNA fragment and clone them into new vectors to obtain a series of new recombinants.

Subcloning can be divided into cell cloning and molecular cloning.

Cell cloning: For the cultured cells, from the original clones, the cells with certain characteristics are selected and cultured, which is called subcloning.

Molecular cloning: select specific small fragments from the large fragments and clone them.


The basic process of subcloning includes:

(1) Preparation of target DNA fragments and vectors;

(2) The connection between the target DNA fragment and the vector;

(3) Conversion of ligation products;

(4) Recombinant screening.

Practical use:

Using subcloning technology, the target gene can be introduced into the target vector for further research. 

For example, if you want to study the role of a gene in E. coli, you can import the vector into a mature E. coli expression vector (such as pUC9) to facilitate subsequent research.


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