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What is the accuracy of cancer gene detection

Update time : 2020-08-26

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What is the accuracy of cancer gene detection
The usefulness and accuracy of detection by different institutions are different, and the price is also different.

First, the accuracy of tumor gene detection depends on whether the detected gene is related to tumor.
Second, the cause of each person's tumor is different. There are more than 400 tumors in the human body that are related to the occurrence of cancer. Is an institution fully tested?
Third, the effects of different genes are different. Whether the testing agency can recognize this is to distinguish the effects of different genes.
In addition, tumor genetic decoding is one step ahead of genetic testing.

Genetic testing does have scientific basis for tumor screening, because the relationship between cancer and genes can be said to be quite close. 

The most important point that distinguishes cancer from other diseases is that it is a "genetic disease", almost all cancer cells Obvious gene mutations can be found in both. 

Cells undergo gene mutations during the process of cell proliferation and division, and the mutated cells proliferate uncontrolled to form tumors.

Therefore, an effective measure to prevent cancer is to find a precise and effective method,

Genetic testing accuracy

For hereditary tumors, the accuracy rate is as high as 50%-80%, such as breast cancer; for non-genetic tumors, the accuracy rate is as high as 30%-40%, such as stomach cancer and lung cancer.

Scientific examination and scientific prevention are one of the main methods. Maintaining a good attitude and living habits is the best way to treat tumors! Detection methods, detection equipment, and detection technology have the possibility of error!