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Your trusted gene synthesis supplier——generalbiosystems

Update time : 2020-07-15

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Your trusted gene synthesis supplier——generalbiosystems

Are you still worried about not finding a trusted gene synthesis supplier?

Are you still sad that you can't find the right gene service at the right price?

Come to General Biosystems, Inc. to help you solve all problems in one stop.

General Biosystems


General Biosystems is a biotechnology company based in the United States. It is passionate about understanding how genetic information is stored and programmed in DNA and how it can be used to guide various biological processes.


Scientists at General Biosystems are pioneers in genomics, proteomics, systems biology, synthetic biology, and bioengineering.

1. In the field of genomics, they participated in the decoding of the human genome and the genomes of various other organisms. They contributed to the large cancer genome project to understand the genetic causes of cancer and other genetic diseases.

2. In the field of synthetic biology, they pioneered the technology for economically synthesizing oligonucleotide libraries and gene libraries using microchips, and built the world's first parallel on-chip gene synthesizer. They also developed complex software programs to design and optimize complex gene banks and genetic systems.

3. In biotechnology, they developed a technology platform that can optimize protein expression based on experience to achieve a specified expression level and maximum solubility. These new technologies bring synthetic biology and biological research into a new era.


With the support of technology and team, the gene synthesis and protein expression services and prices that General Biosystems can provide to customers will be satisfactory.


☞ Choose General Biosystems, this will be your most trusted gene synthesis supplier.