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Application significance of molecular biology

Update time : 2020-04-15

Source : General Biosystems

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Application significance of molecular biology

  In terms of application, the elucidation of the principle of biofilm energy conversion will help solve global energy problems. Understanding the catalytic principles of enzymes will allow more targeted artificial simulation of enzymes and design new catalysts widely used in the chemical industry, thus bringing a revolution to the chemical industry.

  Molecular biology also plays a huge role in bioengineering technology. The success of recombinant DNA technology in 1973 paved the way for the development of genetic engineering. Since the 1980s, genetic engineering techniques have been used to introduce some genes of higher animals into single-cell organisms, and produce interferon, various peptide hormones and vaccines by fermentation. The further development of genetic engineering will provide a fundamental solution to directional breeding of animal, plant and microbial varieties, as well as effective control and treatment of some human genetic diseases.

  A lot of progress has been made in studying cell carcinogenesis from the perspective of gene regulation. Molecular biology will make an important contribution to mankind's ultimate conquest of cancer.